Handmade Pink Layn Cuff Tino Paper Bead Bracelet (Uganda)


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Description + Story

This item was designed by Safina Nakanwagi who has said: "My beads are an expression of myself. They are beautiful and durable. I carefully select different colors and focus on designing in a special and unique way.” Safina has unknowingly described herself.

Safina joyful spirit and infectious smile disguise her painful past. She is a 40 year old, uneducated HIV-positive widow. Married at sixteen to an abusive man, she struggled to create a peaceful home for her 7 children. “The most devastating period of my life happened when he passed away of AIDS and his family accused me of his death. They evicted me.”

Since joining our partner initiative, The Namugongo Good Samaritan Project (NGSP*) Safina's outlook has changed dramatically. 100% dedicated to bead-making, she wants you to know from her heart:
“I love you very much. I reach out to say thank you for buying.”

Look good, do good with this recycled, handmade bracelet in a variety of rich colors. Learn how buying a bead empowers African women. Buy with heart today.
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