Bahari Black Sandal


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While doing research in the craft markets of East Africa in the summer of 2014, Caleigh Hernandez came across beautifully beaded leather sandals for sale. Struck by their uniqueness and marketability, she began searching for the source. After sever weeks of searching, she came across a Kenyan entrepreneur who owns a workshop in Kenya where these sandals are made. Caleigh traveled to her shop and introduced herself, sharing her idea of importing these sandals into the United States. Her thought was that the part of the money made from selling these shoes should be used to do social good for the local artisans making these sandals and to help combat the high rate of unemployment. Caleigh brought Lydia onboard as her primary supplier and Best Foot Forward (BFF) was launched in May 2015.

BFF footwear is a carefully chosen selection of handcrafted beaded, authentic leather sandals made by 36 women and six men artisans in coastal Kenya. Each pair of BFF sandals is a piece of art handcrafted by experienced artisans using the most basic tools and materials are sources within the African continent whenever possible. BFF combines owning a beautiful and handcrafted pair of shoes with the ability to make real and meaningful social change.
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