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The Root Collective was founded by Bethany Tran in 2013. After multiple trips to Guatemala, the slum of La Limonada (which was populated during the 36-year civil war that ravaged the country) grabbed Bethany’s heart and didn't let go. After seeing so much hope amidst the poverty and violence, she knew she had to get involved. Connections with artisans were made through relationships with nonprofits that were already working in these communities.

The primary focus of The Root Collective is poverty alleviation in marginalized communities in conflict/post-conflict areas. Many of our artisans work out of their homes, which allows them to care for their children.

All of the fabric is also handwoven in the highlands of Guatemala on traditional backstrap looms.

The Root Collective's vision is to help these artisan businesses grow and employ others in their communities, as well as continue to have consistent and stable work.

Mantra: How you spend your money determines the kind of world that you want to live in.