What to Include in Your Ethical Easter Basket

Posted on March 22, 2016

TTM’s Ethical Easter Basket Picks


Bunnies, woven baskets, and springtime blooms means Easter is right around the corner. What are you filling your Easter baskets with this year? Here are some of our favorite ethical Easter basket treats from the TTM Ethical Easter Store; these goodies are guaranteed to please all-year around with the special bonus of supporting survivor artisans:


1. Enidaso Stationary Set (designed in Ghana, each purchase supports women’s business training). Buy the cards here.





7. Bron Bracelet (handmade by survivors of conflict in Northern Uganda). Buy the bracelet here.





2. Bundle of Joy Blanket in Pink (made by human-trafficking survivors in Bangladesh). Buy the blanket here.





3. Deb Necklace (handmade in Haiti). Buy the necklace here.





5. The Rose Journal (designed in Kosovo and supports college scholarships in Eastern Europe). Buy the notebook here.





4. Peyton Bracelet (empowers exploited women in Asia). Buy the bracelet here.





6. Bundle of Joy Blanket in Blue (made by human-trafficking survivors in Bangladesh). Buy the blanket here.





Why Buy Ethical Chocolate Treats?


Layer 4_1Image via Theo


For decades, there have been concerns that some cocoa farms (particularly in West Africa) rely on child labor.  To ensure you are filling your basket with ethically-sourced chocolate treats, below are some of our favorite brands that make chocolate we feel confident recommending!


Endangered Species Chocolate.  Their bars are made in America with 100% fully traceable Fair Trade cocoa beans from West Africa. Learn more here.


Grocer’s Daughter. Direct trade chocolate treats produced in Michigan. Learn more here.


Justin’s. Our favorite natural nut butter manufacturer now makes chocolate treats. Learn more here.


Nature’s Path. More than just breakfast treats, Nature’s path creates certified organic, non-GMO, and Fair Trade superfood bars. Healthy and delicious?! Sign us up! Learn more here.


AlterEco. Their unique chocolate bar recipes are made of direct trade cocoa beans from Peru and Ecuador. Learn more here.


Newman’s Own. You can never go wrong with Newman’s products and their chocolate meets the test! Learn more here.


Divine. Operates on a unique business model where co-operative of cocoa farmers in Ghana own shares in Divine. Learn more here.


Theo. Their cocoa beans are sustainably sourced in ways that promote biodiversity and positively impact the lives of the farmers Theo buys from in Africa and Latin America. Learn more here.



Crowd Pleasing DIY Decorated Easter Eggs





Of course, our basket would not be complete without hand decorated Easter eggs; we love an excuse to get crafty. Do you have a unique way to decorate Easter eggs? We’d love to hear how you’ll be filling your basket this weekend!


Here are five of our favorite egg decorating techniques to try this weekend:


1. Indigo Marbled Eggs

diy-marbled-indigo-easter-eggs-4Image via Alice and Lois



2. Boho Floral Crowned Eggs

egg-crown-0672Image via Flax and Twine



3. Gold Leafed Eggs

the-perfect-dye-achieving-picture-perfect-easter-eggs-final2_zefus1Image via She Knows



4. Turkish Inspired Ikat Eggs

ikat_eggs_2Image via The Pink Doormat



5.  Pastel Watercolor Eggs

Watercolor-Letter-Easter-Eggs3Image via Oh Happy Day


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