Tastemaker: Jane Maynard of This Week for Dinner

Posted on December 07, 2015

Maynard’s energy and smile and contagious.  She has always been an avid foodie, and she wants everyone she loves to take part in the joy of a fabulous meal. Whether cooking for her family (she says her three kids are her shrewdest food critics!) or sharing recipes with friends, this avid foodie is always serving up something special. Maynard is always dreaming up innovative ideas for This Week for Dinner, her blog where Maynard shares a weekly menu. This Week for Dinner is a captivating blend of flavor and inspiration. Her newest venture is a podcast where she interviews other fabulous food bloggers- we’re obsessed! Here, Jane tells us about her life, favorite fashion trends, and her top five TTM items!



I would describe my style as….

Classic yet contemporary and always comfortable, both with my personal style and in our home. I want our house to feel approachable and comfortable for those who enter, including my family. And, let’s face it, I would much rather wear cute Birkenstocks than heels! While comfort is important to me, I do still like to be thoughtful about my style so things don’t feel sloppy. Overall my style is subtle and understated, but I love throwing in a bright, bold accent, such as a red shoe or piece of jewelry or an awesome piece of art on the wall.


I draw inspiration from….

For my personal style, I honestly get the most inspiration from people I know! There are a few friends and family members in my life with really great style, so I just copy them. So far the strategy works! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Or is it the creepiest form? Maybe both. 😉

For my home, we own a mid-century house in Southern California, so I like to get design inspiration from that mid-century style, mixed in with more subdued, contemporary pieces.


When I travel, I always bring….

A tennis ball! I have about one billion knots in my back and shoulders, and travel often provides ample sitting-around time. If I have a tennis ball on me (which I always do), instant massage!


My favorite city to visit is….

Paris. Seriously, thatplace. There is nowhere like it in the world. I know you can say that about a lot of places, but Paris wins for about 1 million reasons.



My Favorite Five TTM items are…


1. Sari Bari Throws

sari bari

I love the Sari Bari Sari Throws. The colors and patterns are all beautiful as is the hand quilting. If I had to choose, I think I would pick the Mustard Yellow. I love the monochromatic look of that particular blanket.


2. The Small Navy Silver Dancer Basket from All Across Africa

navy star

This hangs by my front door and it is one of my most favorite décor items in my house.


3. All Across Africa silver bracelets match my favorite basket

navy bracelet

This bracelet matches my favorite basket, so on the list they go. Love them!


4. The Root Collective’s Anna in Tan Diamond shoes


I would wear these EVERY DAY.


5.  Handwoven With Love’s Ugandan Leaf Clutch


I love having a big tote bag and a giant leather tote is beyond adorable, but I hate losing everything in it! Enter the clutch. Having a clutch in my big leather bag is a lifesaver. This is maybe the cutest clutch I’ve seen and would fit perfectly into my life!




My style muse is….

This is so clichéd but I have to go with Audrey Hepburn. I mean, Audrey Hepburn is everyone’s style muse, right?


My favorite trend at the moment is…

I’m really excited about the new underwater sea trend showing up for the 2016 Spring season. It’s always good to feel like you can go scuba diving or to a hip party at any given moment. Just KIDDING. I am so clueless about trendy things and that was the first thing I found when I Googled “latest fashion trends.” I do love the fact that gold jewelry has made a comeback and I hope skinny jeans stay cool forever.


My favorite part about my job…

I love working for myself from home. There are certainly challenges, especially in regards to separating work life from personal life, but the flexibility and autonomy are awesome. I can’t imagine going back to a 40-hour-a-week office job!


What brings me joy is…

Without question my family. My husband and I have three children and there is nothing better in the world than being their parents. Also, good food (especially chocolate!) and really funny people.


My mantra is….

Moderation in all things. Especially chocolate, i.e. you should eat it! 😉

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