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As cloth and metal are transformed into boutique quality products you will love, Basha artisans' lives are changed through employment.

Recognizing how many women in Bangladesh are exploited and forced into lives they are deeply ashamed of, Basha opened it's doors in 2011 to provide jobs to women at risk and survivors of trafficking.  Most of these women had completed a rehabilitation and training program, but continued to need a supportive work environment in order to successfully rebuild their lives.

In addition to a living wage, Basha provides ongoing training, counseling, social support, medical care, on-site day care, and sensitivity to their journey as they heal from unfathomable trauma.

Basha has four centers based in Bangladesh and currently employs more than 50 women. Recognizing that the cycle of poverty and exploitation must be broken, Basha provides high quality day care, educational support, and good nutrition to around 60 children.

We believe that every woman in Bangladesh is entitled to work she can be proud of. We hope you enjoy each hand-made textile, accessory, or seasonal item a Basha artisan creates.